autumn alphabet: v is for vests

As soon as I became the proud owner of my first vest a few years ago, I have been a vest junkie. Once the slightest tinge of cool Fall weather hits, the vest emerges from the closet and becomes an essential part of my wardrobe. It’s with me during almost every outdoor event, up until that unfortunate moment when the days become too cold and a winter jacket becomes an absolute necessity. Sadly, the winter jacket transition has already taken place here in Massachusetts, but I am holding out hope for those rare 50- and 60-degree days that are still possible throughout the winter months.


Alyssa said…
So it IS a famous vest! It's in a lot of your pictures. I have a computer question for you. Do you use a tablet when you make your digital art? Or just the mouse?
NatArt said…
Oh I miss seeing you in the fav green vest! ...and your gray scarf! Its grey right? Love you my friend

Alyssa; she's one amazing artist that uses the mouse! I'm in awe of this woman!!
I actually haven't worn the gray & green scarf at all this fall. I have taken a liking to a new orange one I knitted.

And, yes, Natalie is right. I only use the mouse. The past two posts (vest and woodpiles), however, have been hand-drawn in pen/ink, scanned, and then colored in Illustrator.
Mandi said…
i've become a fan of the "mouse pen". it really comes in handy when removing nasty pimples off a person's face :)

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