autumn alphabet: y is for yowling wind

We had very windy weather the other day. I suppose that this can happen at any time of year, but when it occurs during the Fall season, it somehow seems especially appropriate. I haven't always loved the wind, but I am coming to appreciate it more and more. There is a strange and mournful beauty to the way it howls against the window panes. And, its strength, as you walk against it, is amazingly powerful. But, most of all, I love watching the ability that the wind has to cause tall, mighty trees to dance and sway at its command. There's graceful yet intense beauty that happens in those moments....and I always feel, in some way, honored when I get to be part of them.


Alyssa said…
I think you might have to show me your technique sometime. I don't really remember Illustrator that much anymore, but I love the whispy-ness of this composition. And I still wamt to know how you can do all this with a mouse. You get nice results in this program and I'm curious to know how you do it.
Mandi said…
this is adorable!! i can almost feel the wind and hear the leaves rustling through the air :)

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