creepy crawly

At some point I started this illustration. Oddly enough, I don't recall it. This doesn't happen very often, but it did with this poor, little forgotten caterpillar. Anyway, I found him today...and decided he deserved to be finished. I think he's glad to have a more purposeful place than at the bottom of one of the hundreds of files on my computer's hard drive. It's a good day for caterpillars.


Rach said…
Haha cute. Poor little guy wanted to get out and see the world! I think his tail is adorable- it is like a piggy tail!
Mandi said…
this reminds me of childhood...especially your famous caterpillar drawings...oh and then of course the caterpillar squishing tragedy...and the invasion of caterpillars in i guess there's a history here :)

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