new territory

Sometimes it's good to step outside of our boxes and try something new and unexpected. I'm pretty sure this relates to all areas of life, but lately, it's been hitting home in the creative realm. Over the past few months, I've focused my efforts on a few favorite subjects. Birds and rabbits have been getting a lot of attention. Now, this was all well and dandy until I noticed how uninspired I was feeling. Time to broaden my horizons, I decided. And thus began my exploration of robots and hedgehogs.

"Robots and hedgehogs", I wondered to myself as I sat drawing them both. "What a peculiar combination." And while I have yet to combine the two into one illustration, it may not be a bad idea. A robot with his spiky yet lovable pet hedgehog could be quite the image.


WarrinerDaD said…
I love this little guy!
How fun is a robot?! The textures and layers are wonderful in this one. The colors have a very industrial feel. Nice work!
Jen said…
I love it too! He's awesome!
Mandi said…
again i will say...i loooovvve your robot! i am amazed by the homemade photoshop brushes. gotta figure that out and play with it. this little robot does look like he was painted. too cool.
Alyssa said…
Aw...! He reminds me of wall-e with the cute little box look. I love the textures and the type along the side. Very cool!

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