the return of the rabbits

Between my online focus on an alphabetical Autumn and the off-line whirlwind of the holiday season, I seem to have let Christmas pass me least in the blogging world. But, perhaps I tipped the scales in the opposite direction last year with my "Countdown to Christmas," therefore making all things somehow even in the big scheme of life. So, instead of crying over spilt milk, I am moving onward.

Rabbits are reappearing in my artwork as of late. This is no surprise, of course, since I am almost officially obsessed with the little critters. I like to imagine the fellas above in a spread of a kids' book. Their story and the reason for their tentative gazes across the blank pages of said book has yet to be imagined. But, feel free to come up with your own tale. Rabbits are rather accommodating creatures, so I'm sure that they wouldn't mind your creative musings. As for this rabbit keeper, I am off to bed, where I should have been hours ago. Perhaps my dreams shall be filled with bunnies...


Anonymous said…
Good night rabbitkeeper Heather B. nestle all snug in your bed...perhaps visions of cute little bunnies will dance in your head....:)
Rach said…
Fred Bunny had always been jealous of his neighbor Snowball. The grass really was greener on his side of the fence.

"Why does Snowball get all the good, tasty grass to eat?" wondered Fred.

Meanwhile, Snowball sat on his grass looking over the fence longing for the sundrenched stretch of yard that belonged to Fred.

"Fred has all the fun- he gets to sunbathe all day and play in the dirt but my mother gets angry if I even get a bit of my white fur dusty!"

-How will the story end? I guess Fred and Snowball will have to continue their adventures another day! Haha I really need to get a life. :)

Love the illustration- as you can see- it told ME a story even without any words!
Mandi said…
rachel, you are too funny!
DDWarriner said…
I'm sure you have brought happiness to many seminarians through this composition.

As soon as my screensaver pops up-it's right there for all of the class to enjoy!

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