"cut & paste" robot

During my illustration workshop today, the kids were working so quietly and diligently on their cut-paper collages, that I sat down at the table with them to make my own. When there are only four, very capable 11- and 12-year-olds in one's class, it almost seems silly to keep walking around the same small table observing their art-making techniques. I run out of things to say. They probably grow tired of listening. No doubt, we'd all rather be creating and experimenting with artistic techniques.

So, eventually I sat and worked alongside them. They seemed content. We talked. We created. It was a grand time. And, I got to make a quick collage version of one of my robots. It was fun using scraps of beautifully painted and textured papers that had been leftover from past student projects. It felt like a wonderful joint collaboration of creativity.


Mandi said…
oooo this is different! i like it :) you've used your homemade mailart feel with the robots! he is so cute. i love the red!
Alyssa said…
Is this a new job, teaching kids how to make art? Or is it private lessons or something? Anyways, cute little guy here.
Metaleyelash said…
I heart this! And I miss you.

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