searching for seahorses

I love seahorses. In fact, I love just about anything that lives in the oceany depths. So, you can imagine that my recent trip to the aquarium in Boston was say the least. At points I felt like one of the many kids who ran to and fro around me. And, I'd say this was definitely the emotion as I approached the sea dragon tank. I had never seen these fanciful creatures in person, so I was in awe. I'm pretty sure they may be the most creative, artistic, and imaginative underwater animals that God created. So, if you've never experienced a sea dragon, add it to your "to do" list and make a date with your local aquarium. Trust me. Good stuff awaits you.


Natalie said…
Awwwwe your post shows how much you were inspired! Goodness my friend... you are amazing!
Story said…
The "leafy sea dragons" were Abel's favorite exhibit on our recent visit, too! We had to go back a couple of times. They were in a book we got from the library before going so I think that added to his appreciation of them.
Mandi said…
i really like this creature :) i especially like the choice of colors. blue and orange are very pleasing to the eye. the belly is just adorable!!

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