found inspiration: antique dishes

I've decided to start capturing my sources of inspiration. Daily, I find things that fascinate me and trap my attention, but rarely do I write them down or document them in any sort of way that would preserve them. If I had a library of sorts in which to catalogue images and ideas, I'd have an exact place to go whenever finding myself uninspired.

So, here I leave my first piece of captured inspiration. These glass dishes were discovered months ago in a rather eclectic antique store. While the dishes in and of themselves are beautiful, I was mostly inspired by the colors. I loved how the stacks of deep amethyst glass were placed above the rows of warm amber. I think that the combination is stunning and well worth remembering. A good color scheme, I believe, is not to be dismissed lightly. Amazing ideas can be born out of such things.


Natalie said…
You're a "captured inspiration" to me my dear! Love you!
Rach said…
Oohh very pretty. Love the colors and the dishes themselves. But then again I love almost anything that looks old so no surprise that I think they are cute. :)

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