pen to paper

In an effort to fill the month of June with creativity (and diverse methods of creativity at that), I've returned to my love of journaling. The past several days have included significant periods of time spent in writing and thinking and the construction of creative yet meaningful lists. I suppose that blogging about the act of journaling may be a difficult task. I can't exactly capture a photo of my journaling nor do I feel so inclined as to share portions of the entries I've been pouring myself into. So, I'll just leave it at this... Creativity comes in many forms, and I am accepting more and more that I just need to stumble upon the appropriate outlet for each creative moment. This may be different from one day to the next, one hour to the next, or even one minute to the next. The only thing I can do wrong is to deny my creative self the ability to escape by forcing it into some contrived box that I think should provide the right answer to some creative dilemma. Other than that, there are no wrong answers.


Thanks for these words, Heather. So helpful. It's so sad when art becomes a chore, shoved into boxes and checked off a to-do list. I'm inspired by your creative freedom...and I'm adding you blog to my inspiration links. I hope that's alright. :o)

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