a bit of cheer

A month is too long for me to be away from this blog. It starts seeming dreary, and I begin feeling more and more distant. All in all it just makes for a bad relationship. So, in an effort toward reconciliation, I made my blog some flowers. Nothing cheers up a good blog like a row of little flowers.

This particular bunch of cheer-me-up flowers ended up looking a bit fall-ish, even though I created them on one of the hotter days of this summer season. Perhaps I am looking forward to Autumn. I don't want it here right now, but when it does arrive, I'll be happy to welcome it back. My craving for apple cider and crunching leaves has started to make itself known.


Rachel said…
im excited for some cider too! :) I love the little flowers! very chipper!
NatArt said…
love love love the flowers!! Got your postcard! Your're the BEST!!!
Mandi said…
flowers are so cheerful! especially daisies...can i request an illustration in honor of them?

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