meet ike

Hello, faithful friends. I say faithful because you truly could be nothing less than that if you are still checking this blog and haven't completely given up hope of ever finding a new post on this loved yet under-appreciated little site of mine. Alas, my faithfulness has been more fleeting. I have succumbed to the lure of busy schedules, given my heart to a new-found obsession with reading through the entire "Harry Potter" series, and ignored the persistent call of the creatures in my mind who long to become illustrations of their very own.

But, your faithfulness has paid off. The day has come. New artwork has been created, and life is as it should be. Well, in the creative realm of my little corner of the world, at least, order has been restored. I think that this little guy, whom I've dubbed Ike, is quite appropriate for today. He looks a mix of excited and surprised, which is just about how I feel now that I'm finally finding myself with artwork and some written words to post. Perhaps the days will not run away from me so quickly between now and the next time we meet. Whatever may come, Ike will be here to keep you company, and with a little help from me, his patient flock of friends just might join the party soon enough.


Hooray!! Welcome back! :o)
Mandi said…
aww i like Ike :) his uneven eyes give him an excited little feel about him and i like his glowing antenna.

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