an elephant for bébé

I have a nursery to plan. And not just any nursery, but our baby's nursery. Perhaps this shouldn't be so intimidating, but in some senses, it just is.

When I first started pondering this space, I narrowed down my color scheme to a combination that seemed altogether perfect. Little did I realize that I had subconsciously resorted to my "default colors," those shades that I love to live with and tend to gravitate toward: chocolate brown, orange, and green. It took my husband's gentle revelation of this fact for me to accept the truth...that these colors actually do permeate almost every room of our home in one sense or another. In fact, I am quite certain that I would decorate our entire apartment in these colors if I weren't careful.

So, I turned the decision over to my husband. "Well, what colors would you choose?"

"Black, white, and yellow," he announced with confidence. Perhaps this was a color scheme that he had secretly been hoping I'd put into play during a design overhaul. Or, maybe he'd just had his own dreams of a unique, little nursery. At first I cringed (internally, at least) at the yellow. I don't exactly love yellow. But, the more I thought about it, the more the idea grew on me. I mentally added a touch of lime green to the mix, and it suddenly seemed utterly adorable.

With this color scheme floating around in my mind for the past several weeks, I recently began to envision coordinating artwork. But, I realized tonight that my brain was starting to get a tad crowded with all the to-do-lists, thoughts, worries, ideas, and unmade artwork concepts. It was time to empty my brain of at least one tidbit. I grabbed a moment in between freelance projects to draw this little elephant. Eventually, I'd like to turn the idea of him into a painting, but this seemed like the best first step toward freeing him from my mind. And, I'm guessing that he's probably pretty grateful. There's certainly a lot more room out here for an elephant to roam free.


Mandi said…
oh my goodness! this is absolutely one of my most favorite illustrations you've done! it's simple, yet i can see a whole little story happening at the same time. i like the thin white line that moves along the bottom, holding the large, lovable elephant. the colors are perfect and the tiny birds are so fun and playful. this is great, heath.

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