insects: an antiqued scarab wasp

I'm working with insects these days. Artistically at least.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't love bugs. I can deal with them, will even squish little ones with my bare hands if necessary (i.e. if they will inevitably run away before I can grab a tissue), but I do not like them in my space. If the bugs and I could work out some sort of civil agreement, it would be this. You, bugs, will live safely outside, where I will refrain from stepping on you, save for the innocent and unintentional misplacement of a sneaker. And I, in turn, will be given a bug-free home where you refuse to enter, knowing that an unhappy end will await you upon your arrival. Bugs: outside. People: inside. It's not that hard, really.

So, now that you know where I stand on the subject of real, live, everyday bugs, I will tell you my thoughts on the art of insects. Give me the job of drawing insects, illustrating bugs, and researching beautiful beetles, and I am completely inspired. It's somehow easy for me to see the beauty of a bug when it's photographed in a field guide or being transformed into a piece of artwork. It's a little harder to appreciate when those same sorts of insects make their way into your bedroom or invade your kitchen cupboards.

Currently, I am working with these insects for a couple of purposes. One is as part of a very important wedding. The second is more for myself, simply because I started playing with these images and found that they were pretty inspiring to work with. So, with that, I announce that the bug series has begun. It will be interspersed with other miscellaneous whims of craftiness and creativity. But, don't be surprised if this blog becomes slightly infested with insects. It's my peace offering to them, you see. If I allow them to settle here, perhaps they'll find no need to take up residence in my home.

Well, a girl can hope.


Carly Corrigan said…
Love it!!! It's so funny because I have been into bugs (artistically as well of course! Keep up the amazing work!
Anonymous said…
I love the bees....HeatherB!

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