the wonders of freezer paper - part one

Have you ever heard of freezer paper? It's nothing more complicated than it sounds: paper that can be used to wrap food prior to freezing. In fact, it can be found quite simply in its humble spot amongst the boxes of waxed paper and aluminum foil that line your grocery store's shelves. And yet, this kitchen staple has a hidden identity as a miraculous crafting tool that sets it far above its other food-wrapping counterparts. Really. It has a whole secret life beyond its intended culinary purposes.

Humor me for a moment and imagine that you find yourself with an undeniable need to whip up a fancy little stencil for a t-shirt or a tote bag. Hey, it could happen, right? So, there you are in dire need of a customized stencil, pacing the kitchen wondering how exactly you are going to remedy this terrible predicament. And then you remember...freezer paper has a secret identity! You pull it from the drawer, sketch up your stencil, cut it out, and you're in business! Now, instead of reinventing the wheel and describing the whole incredible process, I'll put you in the capable hands of Craftster. There's a snazzy (albeit cheesy) little video that ought to guide you well along your freezer paper journey.

Personally, I have been in a bit of a freezer paper frenzy. Above is the first of three shirts I made the other day. There will be more to come in the days ahead. I know you simply must be on the edge of your seat with anticipation. But I trust that you'll be patient. And, if your patience begins to wane, make a mad dash to the grocery store, pick up your very own roll of freezer paper, and craft away. You'll be so amazed at all the incredible things you're creating that you'll forget you even lost your patience in the first place.


Mandi said…
hehe very cute and funny post! i absolutely love your homemade shirts and i think you should make me one...hmm...i'm seeing dairy?...ahh yes, cheese!
Carly Corrigan said…
I absolutely love this idea! I was wondering how you made Caroline's adorable bunny shirt - so cute by the way! The video was cheesy (you were right!) but definitely served it's purpose! I feel inspired to make some freezer paper stencils!!!
DDWarriner said…
is this little birdie modeled after your Christmas cards or our Anthropologie pillow?

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