yo yos

There are certain things in life that are simply too good not to be addicting. Chocolate, for one. Ice-cold lemonade, for another. And apparently, in my case, fabric yo yos as well. Of course, this last example is slightly less universal in its appeal. I don't suppose it would top the list for too many people. And, I'd even say that up until a few weeks ago, it wouldn't have crossed my mind to add it to such a list either. But, a recent introduction to these little sewn creations made me realize that the process of sewing them, designing them (even in...and maybe because of...their simplicity), and finding uses for them is, in some quirky way, kind of soothing. During a recent yo yo-making session, I had to stop myself at five. Only two were made with specific recipients in mind, making the other three proof of the addictive nature of this craft. Plus, when a day holds other important tasks beyond the simple joys of crafting, I usually find myself needing to institute an unfortunate end to pure fun. Isn't that sad? I think that some days should be dedicated only to fun. Nothing serious. Nothing adult-like. Just simple, laugh-inducing, gloriously addicting things like making fabric yo yos with a tall glass of lemonade nearby. And chocolate chip cookies too, of course. Truly, a day of fun deserves no less.


DDWarriner said…
Are you sure you wouldnt rather have some oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies?

I like these fun little things. I know you love them because you got all wrapped up in yo yos that day. The materials of which laid strewn upon my already messy desk!
Good work!

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