the final three bugs

Here are the final stragglers to wrap up the bug project.

The fireflies were a last minute addition. I decided to add them after a sweet childhood memory crawled into my mind. On warm, quiet summer evenings, my family would often gather on our front porch in search of lightning bugs. One neighbor's yard in particular seemed to attract the mysterious, glowing insects, so we knew right where to look. If they happened to be hosting an impromptu performance, we, in turn, were treated to the simple yet perfect entertainment of a firefly soiree. We'd watch intently as they danced through the bushes and across the yard. Ultimately, there was nothing extraordinary about it, nothing unusual or miraculous. The lightning bugs were simply doing what they were created to do. And yet, I think that my childhood summers would have been lacking something rather magical if those tiny, twinkling insects hadn't taken such a liking to our ordinary, everyday neighborhood.


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