a herd of fabric elephants

I love elephants. And, regardless of the fact that I am a self-admitted novice when it comes to sewing, I also love fabric. So, combine some cute little pachyderms with interesting fabrics and a medium that I do know well...paper...and you have created just about the ideal craft project for me.

While organizing my fabric drawer several months back, I came across a packet of "Wonder-Under" transfer fusing web. I am not exactly sure how or when I obtained this marvelous material, but upon my discovery of its existence, I figured it probably had great potential. However, I don't know that my first fabric-on-fabric experiment with the "Wonder-Under" was a complete success. It didn't seem to "stick" all that well, and this discouraged me just enough to tuck the tiny packet of iron-on webbing back into my newly-organized fabric drawer. "Perhaps someday I'll try this again," I conceded. Now, I must be honest and admit that such discussions with myself are usually for the sole purpose of making me feel a little better about giving up. The odds of me ever reapproaching something I saw as a failure are, in most cases, slim.

So, I, of all people, was most surprised when the "Wonder-Under" reappeared on my craft table, this time alongside some paper and a few hand-drawn stencils. I had wondered, in a fit of creative fervor, if this crazy iron-on material would have any way of merging itself with paper. A few Google searches later, and I discovered that, yes, in fact, this brainstorm was more than possible. And, I must say that I was very pleased with the results. Fabric on paper. And, with no sewing, to boot. Fabulous.

Make way for the fabric elephants. They are a pretty proud little herd.


DDWarriner said…
Good job keeping these elephants moving! I must say that "Wonder-Under" sounds more like intimate apparel than a craft supply. But either way, I'm very impressed with the creativity. It takes the craft to a whole new and surprising level!
Carly Corrigan said…
I also love elephants! They are supposed to bring you luck. I love the idea of this project too. I admired your thank you card you sent me in which you used the same technique but with the crocodile! I was so curious... now the mystery has been solved!
Mandi said…
i'm glad you tried the wonder-under again and found it to be a success. i'm intrigued by elephants lately too and i love what you've done with these fabric creatures! :)

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