six bugs

This past weekend we celebrated the beauty of marriage with family, friends, and a few little buggy critters as well. Now, before you wrinkle up your noses and assume that insects of any sort would make rather unwelcome wedding guests, allow me to explain. I was asked to design the table numbers in a spring-like, insect theme. Not wanting to spoil the surprise or unveil these little guys before the big day, I am just now setting them free here on my blog. A few of their friends will be joining them in the days to come. They're all well-mannered critters, though, so no need to fear any sort of bug infestation. I figure that a bug who can behave at a wedding ought to be able to behave just about anywhere.


Carly Corrigan said…
I absolutely LOVE these little critters! They are just so delightful. If anyone can incorporate insects into wedding decor it surely is you! So tastefully done. Just a thought (from the teacher within)... These would make a wonderful tool with bebe to teach him/her numbers and how to count! Also to teach about the different insects!

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