an elephant for owen

These days, painting doesn't happen too often in my artistic realm. Digital artwork has kind of overtaken my illustrative habits. This is partially a matter of style (I really do love working in Adobe Illustrator), partially an issue of ease (a computer takes a whole lot less clean-up) and partially the reality of practicality (limited space and a lack of anywhere to get messy makes energetic painting a little tricky). So, now that I've attempted to clear my creative conscious, let me acknowledge that I actually did pull out my acrylics a few weeks ago. And, the painting experience was quite refreshing. As many textures as one can replicate in Photoshop or as crisp of lines as one can draw in Illustrator, hand-painting is a thing all its own, unable to be duplicated by any computer program. There's something unique, special, and intensely personal about it.

My motivation to paint came from the upcoming arrival of our little one. I wanted artwork for the nursery and a hand-painted look was just the touch that it needed. There was something too impersonal about printed digital files. I wanted my hands to have created something for this baby. And, I finished just in time. On July 4th Owen Nathaniel arrived, making our world even brighter and happier (as well as sleepier and less productive, but we don't hold that against him). Every time I walk into his nursery I like seeing the colorful paintings hanging there, serving as just a small reminder of the unique, creative, and deep love that I have for this little guy.


Jill said…
It turned out great, Heather! I'm glad you had time to paint it : ) I'm looking forward to seeing it hanging in the nursery : )

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