You know how the old saying goes..."The shoe-makers children have no shoes." I must admit that I had a sneaking suspicion that the artist's baby would have no art. The crafter's child would have no crafts. I have an unfortunate way of making creations for everyone else and finding that none of them stay in my own collection. I didn't want to come to the end of my pregnancy and find that our baby had no handmade treasures from his Mama. So, in the final weeks before Owen arrived, I became determined not to let this happen. Art production increased tenfold and long-ago-purchased fabrics were resurrected from their storage drawers, ironed, cut, and sewn into a quilt. It felt marvelous to actually do all the things on my "before-the-baby to-do list."

Now that Owen's here, I am especially glad that I took the time to create. Art-making is a little harder to come by these days. But, seeing the creative gifts I made for him ahead of time gives me confidence that I'll return to my creative ways before long. An artist's son needs a life of creativity. I think that's part of my job. He deserves nothing less.


Mandi said…
This is adorable!! I absolutely love your quilts and can't wait until I have one of my own for my baby some day. I like how you put him in yellow. He goes very well with his quilt. One day, Owen will definitely treasure this homemade piece of art that his Mama made especially for him!
Natalie said…
You are amazing!!
Anonymous said…
Love the fabrics, great job as usual Heather!

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