Well, I think it's official. I am addicted. Addicted to freezer paper crafts. Completely. I don't have all that much time for art-related projects these days, with an adorable 2-month-old who usually steals most of my attention. However, when he drifts off for one of his mid-day naps, I often pull out the freezer paper, find a shirt to embellish, and get to work.

Monsters have been my recent subject matter of choice. Perhaps it's because I am teaching a Fantasy Art workshop and our first theme was monsters. Or maybe I am running out of new and exciting robot ideas, so monsters seemed a logical next step. Or perhaps it's due in part to next month's arrival of Halloween. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because I now have my own little monster at home who needs adorable, Mama-made outfits. Monsters seem to suit our little guy perfectly. While he's un-monster-like in his sweet disposition and lack of hairiness and big feet, he is just about as curious as I imagine those creatures to be.

And so, I continue on in my freezer paper crafting adventure. Perhaps I will allow a few of my creations to make their way into my Etsy shop instead of into my son's closet. For now, he's got first dibs. But, if I keep going at this pace, he'll have more shirts than he can handle. And, I'm sure he won't mind sharing. He's a thoughtful little monster, you see.


Mandi said…
Yay!! I remember seeing this little guy sitting on your desk and wondering when I'd see it on a new shirt :) He definitely has a sweet disposition, but still clearly a monster. Oh, and I love the way you write.
Mom said…
Your thoughtful little monster will be so cute during the Halloween month. I'm sure you'll get lots of happy comments when he wears his monster shirt:-) I, too, love your writing. You are so talented in that way. Some day, perhaps a book!
Natalie said…
can we have a freezer paper date!! :D

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