truly, truly addicted

You all may be getting tired of these freezer paper creations, but I, for some reason, am not. So while I do apologize for the lack of variety on this blog as of late, I also relish in the fact that I adore this craft. I'm not sure which emotion is stronger, but seeing as I keep posting these creations, I'm guessing that the relishing-my-new-found-love-of-freezer-paper emotion wins out. Speaking as a true addict..."So be it."


Mom said…
Another cute monster shirt!! Your "Little O" will be the smile of the campus. You are definitely addicted, but it's a good addiction:-)
DDWarriner said…
Good call opting for the monochromatic. I've always been a favorite of working in one color family. I think it works well on clothing-especially this shirt.
Mandi said…
I'm definitely not tired of seeing a new freezer paper creation. I'm happy to see that you were able to make a new one!

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