finding uses for felt: part two

No matter what I may or may not feel about felt, I adore this creature. He's quirky and rustic and rabbit-esque, all of which give him rather high marks in my book. But, I'd be lying if I said that any of those traits were what made him most admirable in my eyes. The truth is that as much as I adore this little critter, I adore even more the little critter for whom it was made. And, that's what I like most about this stuffed felt monster-bunny. He was crafted with love as a Christmas gift for my little one.

With the recent (and slightly unwanted) growth in my collection of felt, I am basically overjoyed to find such loving ways to use this material. While my recent felt-crafting pursuits have made only the smallest of dents in my very large stash of felt, I like knowing that at least some of this material is being transformed through the process of creative juices. I mean, there now exists a monster who greatly prefers his new existence to his old life as a rather lifeless, flat sheet of felt. And, he can't wait for Christmas day, when he'll be bestowed upon his new owner, a wide-eyed, fuzzy-headed, 5-month-old with a tendency to gnaw on anything within reach. I must say, it's a good thing felt monsters don't fuss about such unimportant things as being drooled on. My guess is that he's got a lot of that in his future.


Mandi said…
I love this and I know Owen will too. It's a perfect present for his first Christmas!
Mom said…
I can hardly wait to see the look on Little O's face when he sees your very special handcrafted gift!! It's so cute .. and a perfect treasure for his very first Christmas!! You are such a wonderful Mommy!!

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