finding uses for yarn (a brief diversion from the "finding uses for felt" series)

A two-month hiatus is never a good sign. It usually means that the world of art-making, crafting, and creating has come to a screeching halt. This time, however, that is only semi-true. While I've taken a serious dip in productivity over the past...oh, seven months (which, suspiciously enough, is the same amount of time that I've been a Mama)...I have been making things behind the scenes. Knitted hats for one. My yarn collection has gotten too big to not be knitting. And, my little one is getting too big to not have new hats. So, the combination of the two works pretty well together. As of late, I love stripes. And, striped hats, in particular, have captured my heart. And so, it is with stripes that I am adorning my babe.

A new felt craft lies ahead. And this one is amazing. Just you wait.


So adorable!! That is some very skinny yarn knit with very little needles. Consider me impressed. :o)
Mom said…
It was fun to put that cute little hat on Owen's precious little head this weekend. Love it!!
I'm so glad you are knitting again. It's a very relaxing activity. Mamas need that often in the early years:-)
Merand said…
No way! All those wonderful hats we've been seeing Super-Owen in were made by you? I'm so jealous! I have never been able to master the art of knitting so I'm impressed. And you're right - stripes are wonderful and Owen looks especially cute in them! Love the picture!

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