finding uses for paper (yet another...perhaps not so brief...diversion from the "finding uses for felt" series)

Well, that was almost certainly the longest possible title I could have chosen for this post. Nevertheless, I have yet to put the finishing details on the much-talked-about felt piece. And so, lest I keep delaying the process of posting, I figured I'd simply take another detour. Detours, afterall, often lead to interesting places.

I find that certain artistic mediums take over my life in clusters. In college, beeswax was my material of choice. Then, throughout different stages, I've found myself favoring mixed media, acrylics, watercolor pencils, and digital art. Most recently, I've been enticed by paper collages. My love of paper, my insanely large collection of paper materials, and my desire to use and recycle as much of this paper as possible makes this a perfect medium for me right now. Of course, I am going to have to start working on a much larger scale if I am ever to make a dent in the drawers and bins full of paper that I currently possess. My, oh my, how I love my paper.

The pieces above were created as part of a group project for a friend's baby shower. The whole alphabet was made in this "flash card style" so that her babe will someday be able to use these little cards to practice his letters, words, colors, and such. These are two of my contributions. It seemed only fitting that an elephant represent the letter "E," seeing how my only little guy has quite a collection of elephants himself. They make happy friends for babies, those wrinkly pachyderms.

I stated in my unnecessarily-long title that this paper detour may not be so brief. That's because my paper collages have not been limited to baby flash cards. Recently, my husband's 30th birthday gave me a perfect opportunity to pull out the scissors and the massive paper stash. I collaged at least half a dozen cards for him. So, let me reassure you that the paper detour will continue. I figure I've got a good six posts up my sleeve.


Mom said…
Handcrafted Alphabet Cards!!! Wow!! You see, Heather, you could definitely start your very own business!! Actually, I wonder if those little booklets I made for you long ago were the start of something big:-) You know, all the words you could make with the vowels? I do think you and Mandi should collaborate sometime soon:-) Her photos and your illustrations ... a winning combo!! Good thing you are heading back to CT!!!!!

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