finding uses for felt: owls

Technically this would be considered "finding uses for sheep's wool" since it is felting, not felt. But, regardless, this is the project that I have been waiting to share. So...after too many months away from this blog and a move with a one-year-old long last, here they are! My first two felted owls!
Thanks to my friend and felting-genius, Robin, I learned the amazing art of transforming sheep's wool into these amazing little winged creations. Through the process of learning how to felt, I discovered that this art/craft-form is not only highly creative but also relaxing and cathartic. Felting is my new favorite.
In addition to teaching me the ins and outs of felting, Robin also instilled in me the importance of naming one's creations. She told me that she always waits until her little owls are completely finished before bestowing them with names. I agree that the naming process is a crucial one. Our son didn't have a name for the first 24 hours of his life, because we wanted to be sure that we were choosing the one that suited him quite perfectly. I didn't take quite so long to name my owls, but I did take Robin's advice and I waited until they were done before choosing their names. After looking long and hard at my little creatures, I decided upon Archibald and Frank. Archibald is the studious-looking brown owl, and Frank is the slightly quirky, but ever-friendly gray owl. They seem content with their new names and happy in their new home, but I somehow sense that they are eagerly awaiting more friends. It's a good thing I just unpacked my felting supplies yesterday. They might not have to wait long at all.


Merand said…
Oh my goodness! They are wonderful!!! I love owls and am finding them popping up everywhere with fall rapidly approaching. If you ever decide that you have owls that need adoptive homes, let me know. I have no hope of ever making one myself!
Hooray!! I've been checking your blog to see when these little fellows would pop up. Nice work on finishing them in the midst of transplanting your life. I am very impressed. They turned out beautifully, and the names are perfect. I'm so excited to see what comes next!!

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