the owls of owenania: caspian

Caspian. Sounds like a princely name, doesn't it? That's because this little owl looks sort of regal to me. Maybe it's his crown-like turquoise feathers. Or, perhaps it's his slightly purple-ish hue. Whatever the case, I like Caspian. He's a stout, brave little owl who ventured out across the country, marking the furthest flight of all the Owenania Owls thus far. He arrived safely in California earlier this week where he was warmly greeted by a sweet babe and her lovely parents. I've been assured that Caspian has already been bestowed with royal treatment...a few loving nibbles from his new owner, Miss H. I'd say that's a welcome that is fit for a prince.


Mom said…
I haven't checked this blog for a while, so as I did, I had the delightful of joy of meeting all the precious little Owls of Owenania. I love them all, and I agree with your many friends!! You are so creative, Heather!! There must be a craft fair coming up this fall:-) I'll look for you, and your solemn nocturnal owlets.

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