the owls of owenania: charlie

Charlie seemed pretty content when I placed him in our big backyard tree for his photo shoot. I have a feeling that, despite his atypical blue hue, he's a natural, rustic sort of owl who feels quite at home amidst moss and bark. But, our tree was just a stopping place on the way to his permanent home a town away, where I am sure he will be equally delighted. Little does he know, but Charlie is going to be living amongst a whole commune of owls. You see, I discovered last week that Mr. B, the dad of my elementary-school best friend, collects owls. I spent a lot of time in Mr. and Mrs. B's home as a kid, but I never knew about his love of owls until now. When I learned this bit of information, I thought it only right to make a felted owl to add to the collection, and Charlie seemed an amiable and good-natured owl to send his way. I know that little Charlie is sure to be in good company. Afterall, a home full of owls is a happy home!


Merand said…
He's so sweet and cute! I don't know what it is about him but he makes me smile!
I'm loving all your owls!
Mom said…
I can hardly wait to hear how the "B Family" reacts to another owl in their midst. No doubt they will all be hooting so loud we'll hear them over here:-) Charlie has a special magnetic appeal. He really looks very playful, I think. Maybe it's the outdoor photo shoot? Whatever! He's a fun one:-)
I have an owl named Charlie, too! I don't know what it is about adorable things that just scream to be named Charlie. :o) Also, his shape is absolutely perfect. I love his little ear feathers!!

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