the owls of owenania: seymour

I have been needle-felting a lot lately. I think I've felted 9 or 10 owls in the past week. Clearly, my friends, I am addicted to this new-found art form.
My owls have all been given names and places of honor within a tribe I've come to call "The Owls of Owenania." Being a proud mama, I named my owl clan after my own little one. The double O names seemed to work, so I just added a whimsical little ending and found myself with a quirky tongue-twister of a name that I like rather a lot.
The owl above is Seymour, an eccentric, orange-feathered bird who was born on August 17th, 2011 and now resides on the North Shore of MA with some dear, owl-loving family friends. Seymour just might be my favorite owl creation to date, although that feels a bit like choosing a favorite child.
In any case, I will be posting an owl a day (if everything goes according to plan) from now until I run out of owls....which, at the rate I'm going, could be quite a long time.


nonna said…
I love the little guys of Owenania,whimsical~ adorable critters. I'd like to name Seymours younger brother "Little Hoots"!
Merand said…
Have to agree that Seymour is my favorite to date as well, although I'm a little prejudiced!
So cute. I love the orange! I'm so glad you're enjoying the wonderful world of felting. And I love that you're making a whole owl community. Nicely done.

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