the owls of owenania: sunny

We've been weathering a storm here in New England. A hurricane, to be precise. So, my owl-a-day goal had to take a brief respite as we've spent the past two days at my parents' house...where the risk of enormous, falling trees was much less and where there was a finished basement in which we could sleep and "hide out" if the winds got too strong. This turned out to be mostly unnecessary, as Hurricane Irene didn't hit our area nearly as hard as the weather-people had been predicting. Thankfully, no trees fell on our house (my biggest fear leading up to the storm). However, our home did lose power for over 30 hours, while my parents managed to sneak by with nothing more than a mere flicker. This was an enormous blessing.
Now, the storm has passed. The rain clouds and wind gusts have stepped aside, allowing the sun to return to its rightful place in the sky. So, I thought it only appropriate to post Sunny, my most cheerful owl to date. Sunny has plenty of reasons to be cheery. She has the perfect, most joyful shade of yellow for her feathers. She peers out at the world through bright blue, curious eyes. But most of all, she now lives in the one of the most beautiful locations...the North Shore of Massachusetts...with two of the sweetest people I know. That would make me cheerful, for sure.
Something else that fills me with cheer are the newest owls that were born during Hurricane Irene. They've been a bit camera-shy but are sure to make their grand debut later this week. Stay tuned. Sunny days are here again!


Mom said…
Sunny made made day!! After the storms, filled with wind and rain, and being cooped up for more hours than we would have liked, Sunny is a welcomed little friend:-)
Merand said…
I was beginning to wonder if there were any girl owls in owenania and now I know! Seymour and Sunny will have to visit - she's a cutie!

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