the owls of owenania: cornelius

Bookish, studious, quiet, and with just enough gray feathers to make him look as wise as he truly is. It's Cornelius...the grandfather of Owenania, and a sweet addition to my collection. This guy will call our house home, at least for awhile, until it becomes clear that someone else is destined to adopt him. With all this felting going on around here, I have started to think that I will create a whole family of owls (and perhaps rabbits and robots and monsters as these are all favorites of mine) to sell next summer at some of the local craft fairs and extravaganzas. If I'm honest, I figure that there are only so many felted creatures that one really needs in her own home. So, why be selfish and keep them all to myself? I'd rather share the felting joy.

As hard as it will be, I will abstain from posting all of these creatures here, as I'm sure it could get a bit monotonous. But, the most irresistible ones will be shared. I think that the occasional felted friend is sure to brighten any day.


Mom said…
Wise Cornelius! Now that's a perfect name for an owl, and believe me, it suits this one precisely:-)
Merand said…
Oh, I don't know. I could look at your felted creatures all day, every day. They certainly brighten mine! And think how jealous Owen's friends will be at the amazing creation of friends he has at home. :)

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