the owls of owenania: fritz

Say hello to Fritz.  Fritz was felted from birthday wool, which is even better than birthday cake, if you ask me.  It's certainly better to felt with and much more fun, even if it doesn't taste quite as good.  It took me awhile to name Fritz.  I had to look at him for quite some time before any name seemed right....although he wasn't as difficult to name as his sister, who is still fluttering about, nameless and rather unnerved by her lack of a title.  But, named or not, she'll be posted soon.  Perhaps you'll help me in the naming process, dear friends.  I fear this owl's got me stumped.


Merand said…
He looks like a serious and brooding type of owl. Perhaps older and wiser than some of the others. Fritz suits him.
Natalie Burns said…
ooooooo I like him allot!!! esp the fun do in the front!! :D
Mom said…
Fritz is definitely the contemplative type. His name is good for him. It encourages happy expectations of his thoughts.

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