the owls of owenania: lucy

This is sweet Lucy, an owl who is currently in-flight, flapping her little wings as hard as she can in order to make it to the North Shore as quickly as possible.  You see, I let it slip that she was going to live with one little girl who is equally as sweet as she.  And, Lucy couldn't wait to arrive and meet her new owner, Miss C.  I had the distinct pleasure of being C's babysitter/nanny for about a year and a half.  And while I no longer serve that role (being a mama to my own babe now) and no longer live just fifteen minutes away (a recent move lengthened the journey to over 2 hours), I have a dear spot in my heart for Miss C and her family.  So, I sent kisses and hugs with Lucy, as well as clear instructions to bestow them immediately upon her arrival.  Being the sweet owl that she is, I'm sure she'll have no problem fulfilling her duties and then making herself quite at home with her wonderful, new family.


Merand said…
She's so cute! I love her color and her little flower! Miss C is going to love her!!!
Mom said…
Lucy is a darling!! Her little flower really makes her special.

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