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We all needed a break from the felted owls.  I love them but I was feeling like this blog was getting a bit heavy-handed in the felted owl category.  Variety is the spice of life, they say.  So, I present you with variety, in the craftable & fashionable form.  Now, if you loved the owls and are sad to see these scarves in their place, I'm sorry.  But, don't fret.  They will be back. 

If, however, you were thinking, "My word. The girl has gone owl-crazy," then you'll be happy to know that I am not only owl crazy, but scarf crazy as well.  Scarves have become my accessory of choice these days, and making them for free is even better than buying them at super, cheap, consignment-store prices (which, admittedly, is pretty amazing, as well). This t-shirt scarf idea came from Shwin&Shwin, and it is a perfect way to transform your old t-shirts into trendy, fun scarves.  I think you'll find this project to be altogether lovely, easy, and trendy.  I hope to try these scarves again using a slightly different material.  My shirts were of the slightly ribbed variety, and they didn't work exactly as I think they were supposed to.  My redo will be done with one of my husband's regular old t-shirts.  Or two or three of them.  I am actually hoarding his old shirts in our attic closet.  I've got a pile of almost a dozen waiting for me.

Scarf crazy, I tell ya.


Mandi said…
i LOVE these scarves! we must make a scarf date soon. i'm thinking this is a craft i could actually enjoy! :)
Merand said…
This is great! I am scarf crazy too and never seem to have enough and certainly can't afford to buy as many as I would like. Maybe this will help (and make a good Christmas idea too!)
Mom said…
I love them!! I'll look through my drawer. I must have a few tee shirts around here somewhere:-)

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