for the love of fabric - part 1

I recently uncovered a love of fabrics that I never knew I had. It all began about a month ago with my first sewing lesson (well....the first if you don't count the horrors of seventh grade home ec. class and the monstrosity of a sweatshirt that resulted).

This Easter egg project just played upon my new-found obsession.

I learned about silk-transfer eggs last year when Lindsey posted egg creations on her blog. This Easter, I was determined to try it for myself. The whole idea is to transfer the patterns from silk scarves or ties onto the shells of eggs with a simple boil in some vinegar-y water. A few weeks before Easter, I went on a mad hunt for silk, and found some great scarves at the First Church thrift shop ($1 each!)

Dan and I spent Easter night working on this egg project and were amazed at how well it worked. Still, I think the fabric was not quite tight enough, as some spots have clear imagery, while other areas are rather fuzzy, with a more marbleized look. Nonetheless, they made for a quite cheerful and colorful end to a relaxing holiday weekend.


Mandi said…
Finally!! I have been waiting to see the end result :) I love them! I cant believe it actually worked. Tres excite!
Matt Durbois said…
I spent some time in lithuania...there they take onion skins and uncooked white rice & secure them tightly the foot of ladies nylons. Then boil in vinegry water.... A similar idea and result- very simple but no where near as beautifull as your silk transfers.
I like it a lot.
lindsey said…
Your eggs came out so pretty! I'm glad you tried the fun technique. :)

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